We had two main stops planned in Utah – Zion National and Bryce Canyon. Neither disappointed us. The rain came in the day we planned to hike around Zion, so we did a drive-thru instead. It is a magnificent display of rock cliffs that will strain the best of necks. There were spots you could see the lava rock as it formed layers.  Luckily, the rain stopped long enough for me to get some photos, but by the time we got back to the RV park, the rain was in full force.

The next morning we woke to beautiful sunshine. While I was getting ready for the day I could hear Dan outside talking to our neighboring RV owner. Apparently, they had a leaky sink, so Dan stepped in to help them out. If you know Dan, you will know he never turns down the chance to help someone out, and traveling has not changed that quality. Once introductions were made all around, Mel and Colleen shared information on where they planned to stay in Bryce so I could call and reserve a spot. I love having a place recommended…kind of leaves that “risk” factor at the door. For the next two days, the four of us spent some time together enjoying dinner, shopping, and getting to know each other. We have gained lifetime friends. Another befriending of Dan’s was this little guy.  He was so used to people, all he cared about was a little nibble of food.

The first day at Bryce Canyon, Dan and I were able to get a couple of hours of hiking in before the last shuttle left.  It was amazing, to say the least. The next morning we decided to drive to St. George and Hurricane to see what it had to offer. Our possible two-hour round trip turned into four, but that still gave us time for another hike. We started at Peekaboo and worked our way through Navajo. For anyone who has done this hike…good for you, because it kicked my you-know-what. This shot is from the top of the Navajo switchbacks that about did me in. Unfortunately, I still had more climbing to go, but this will give you an idea. Yes, those are people below making their way up the path. By the time we finished the hike and were back up on flat ground, I spotted the bus and we lucked out for sure…it was the last one of the day. Trust me when I say I did NOT want to walk all the way back to the RV park…God had his eye on me and clearly took pity. All-in-all we did the majority of the hikes available, and two days later my calves are still a little sore, but I am glad I did the hikes. For me, it will likely be a one-time event…lol. Unlike the young couple who take endurance to a new level. They flew into Los Angeles from France and had ridden their tandem bike all the way to Bryce Canyon. Their plan is to ride throughout the United States…wow, now that is taking biking to new heights. I’ll be following their blog to see how they do.

Our final couple of days were spent with my stepdaughter, Jessica, in Salt Lake City. She came in for a work project, and the three of us were able to squeeze in some time together. We visited the Bonneville Salt Flats and Temple Square. Both had so much history and beauty to enjoy.

Utah did not disappoint in any way…it’s truly beautiful and so was the time we had with Jessica along with the people we met and spent time with while visiting. Thanks, Utah for all you had to offer.