It’s not the same in our home right now, but it’s still a “wonderful time of year.” Though the totes of decorations remain in storage, Dan did hang our front door wreath. Guess he felt we needed something to bring the holiday in to greet visitors. We are down to the last few weeks push before we hit the road…and this has been an adventure in and of its own. Instead of storing all of our furniture, we decided to sell it (minus our antique pieces)…how hard can it be, right? Part of my dilemma was the proverbial question of when, where, and how. Dan calmed the storm in my brain by reminding me if we sold everything before we were ready to drive away, we have a beautiful new camper to sleep in…oh, yeah, right…lol. So, I took pictures, edited to add corresponding numbers to match the list of items, and posted them on Craigslist, and FB Marketplace. Then a friend mentioned “OfferUp” as a selling avenue. I looked at the website, and journeyed around in an effort to understand, but found I was too tired that day to figure out how to post/edit/sell. When she and another dear friend of mine had lunch and a Christmas movie day she asked if I was using OfferUp. I admitted my lack of tolerance for grasping another selling avenue.

By the next morning…and I mean the wee hours, I decided to check it out again to determine if I wanted to go through the work to post on the 3rd selling avenue. After all, it was 3am…not like I had anything better to do. After carefully dissecting and touring the website I figured it out, and by 5am (two hours = old brain) I had all twenty-one items tagged, listed, and posted. What shocked me was within a few seconds of posting the last item I had interested buyers flooding in. The email/message process was in full swing. When Dan got up about 8:30am, I had sold (potentially) five items, including our boat/trailer. The day continued in that crazy mode to the point I had to have a notebook so I could list who wanted to buy what, and when they wanted to pick the item up. It was like being at work again…full speed ahead.

Three days have past and we have sold all but a couple items…Merry Christmas to me. But, …lol…you knew there would be “a but”…that is not where the story ends. Now, understand that I do, indeed, love my husband and I have since put my broomstick away and calmed down from this situation. Picture this…we, and by that I mean Dan, had just helped a buyer pick up the front porch plant stand…and this is how the conversation went when he came back in the apartment:

Dan: You need to take a picture of the table on the porch and post it for $20.

Me: What table, the gal already picked it up…remember? You took it to her car.

Dan: You need to take a picture of the table on the porch and post it for $20.

Me: What are you talking about???

Dan: You need to take a picture of the table on the porch and post it for $20.

Me: Daniel, what are you talking about???

No answer – my blood is warming up here folks…

I open the door and find a table I’ve never seen before, sitting in all its glory, before my eyes.

Me: Where did you get that thing?

Dan: You need to post it for $20.

Well, you wonderful people who are actually still reading this blog, I’ll tell you the words were flying out of me so fast and furious they bounced around putting dents on the walls. The mission of these not-so-kind words was to make my sweet husband know I was NOT running a business here. I was NOT selling other peoples items they have put in the trash for the recycler. He had a great idea for us to earn an extra $20…and I, under no uncertain terms, told him it was not happening.

Needless to say, I’ve stuck to my guns (my stubborn streak runs deep) and not offered, through any avenue, this lovely trashed out table. And there it still sits…

Table aside (three days later), we spent Sunday morning with family enjoying an early Christmas celebration due to school break schedules. We arrived on time and were greeted by a grandchild, Jo, running to thank us for the pajamas. Every year since Sav and Jo were babies, I have given them “Christmas Eve” pajamas. I know there may come a day when they outgrow that one package to open on Christmas Eve, but until then it’s a tradition we all enjoy. The house was festive, smelling of breakfast and hot chocolate. Everyone was generous with their hugs, smiles, and laughter…especially when my husband pushed his tie button (the Rocky theme) and pretended he had no idea where the music was coming from…he is a hoot. It was a beautiful morning and one I’ll treasure forever.

Dan and I will continue to pack/sell/toss as we come to the end of our journey at the apartment, and begin our new adventure. Tensions can be evident at times, but we know it’s not to be taken personally. Other times are filled with playing cards and having a good laugh over one of our favorite shows. Oh, yeah, and then there is me crying over a Christmas movie, often one I’ve watched every year for more than I can remember. Including with that scene is Dan checking to be sure I’m okay by reminding me I’ve seen the movie before, and me explaining “every time is like the first time” as the tears stain my face. All of these moments are part of the adventure..and I know that regardless of decorations, or should I say lack-there-of, busy schedules, packing/selling/tossing and being sure the cable etc has a shutdown date, along with a P.O. Box ordered…it’s a wonderful time of the year after all.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all…xoxoxo