What am I counting down??? I’m counting down the days until we hit the road. That’s right; you heard me…my next adventure in life will be as a gypsy. At the end of this year, my husband and I will be putting everything in storage, and begin a year of traveling.

When I was a child we were camping at Salt Water Park. Close by there were gypsies camping, too. Their life seems very romantic to me…as did their style of dress and attitude. There was something raw about them that I couldn’t explain. After that, I decided I wanted to be a gypsy, but as time went on life situations stepped in front of my path and the dream of living on the road died away. All I wanted was a place to call home…my own little bubble.

Now that I’m retired you can find me most days either writing a novel, blog or fulfilling my photography dream. My husband and I do travel to other states to visit family and friends, but for the most part, we are fixtures in Washington. When Dan kept expressing the desire to travel around the country, I thought, “no way…I like having a place to call home.” Don’t get me wrong, I like traveling, but my idea is more of 2-4 weeks and back home again to family, my comfy bed and familiar surroundings. But his dream was significant to him, and as life would have it, we have the best opportunity at the end of this year. We have been looking for property to purchase, but since we haven’t found what we are looking for yet, and our lease ends in a couple of months, why not take advantage of our freedom.

Once I got my head around the idea of making a home for us on wheels for the next year, I have felt that forgotten stirring of my childhood come to life…as a gypsy. It will be our rules, our roads, and our decision as to where to go, as well as how long to stay. I’ll miss family and friends, but will be visiting others along our path.

Dan has made little comments about making our “almost” purchased travel trailer a forever home parked in the mountains somewhere. But when he gets tired of hearing me snore in a small confined area, I’m sure he’ll be ready to provide each of us with more “personal” space. As in a room at the other end of the house with a door so he can get some sleep…lol.

Either way, I’ll continue to blog so that I can share our adventure with all of you. I’ll still work on my biography (my current project), and will share my photos when possible. The next couple months will be busy, but I’ll be back in touch as time goes on. So, until then, I hope you enjoy life and make it your adventure.