Do you read it? I can honestly say it was the last of my priorities when I picked up a book. It was no more important to me than any other “miscellaneous page” that hovered outside the chapters I longed to read. I only wished to be carried away in mystery and suspense.

But that all changed as I prepared my first novel for publication about five years ago. Now, as I work on book six, the thought came to me to write this blog. Why? Because I finally understood myself how important the other pages are to an author. Every page holds special meaning.

Time after time I can’t help but wonder if readers do, in fact, read the acknowledgement page in my books. I know I’m always excited to start a new novel, but what about the before and after pages. If you are reading a book right now, do you remember who it is dedicated to? 

Here’s a little background on why I’m asking. I have special people in my life that have brought ideas to light for me. Whether it’s a character name they hope I’ll use, a photograph they are sure should be added, a contribution to the story, a twist to a plot that I in turn loved, or another important piece that became a part of my book.

My dedication page carries a bit of my heart. By reading that small line you might understand who may have inspired the book to begin with, or maybe that person simple encouraged me to push ahead with my dreams. 

Either way, those few extra pages are sometimes the foundation of the story held within. 

I hope by reading this blog you find yourself a little bit curious to check them out in your current or next read. And if the book is one of mine…even better. 

As always, thanks for reading my blog.

Happy reading, happy writing, happy life.