Ahhhh….rain, rain, rain. I am a Pacific Northwest girl…born and raised. I’ve been to many other states, including a four-year stint in Thornton, Colorado. But here in the PNW…I’m home. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked by others throughout my travels, “Doesn’t it rain there all the time?” To which I answer “Yes” – my underlining goal is to keep the population down…lol. Sometimes I will end my response by letting the person know it’s more of a drizzle than rain. Either way, I figure most people aren’t into the gray and will think twice about packing up and moving to our mossy green area.

For me the rain is refreshing. It cleans the air and keeps the moisture at a comfortable level. I love the humidity we have, and so does my skin. I don’t snap, crackle, and pop every time I touch a piece of metal…or my husband for that matter. Fortunately, that only happens now and then, since we touch hands every time he walks past me if I’m sitting in my favorite chair. Living in Colorado, I had to use a humidifier because it was so dry. I was worried I was going to destroy my computer every time I used it. Let’s not forget the little fact that the little snap of electricity actually hurts.

Today as I sit here writing this blog the sky is not completely gray. There is a bit of sun trying hard to peak out. The rain from last night all but forgotten as a new day arrives. Will it rain sometime today, probably, but will it bring with it a fresher air…you bet. And let’s not forget that spring is around the corner bringing all those beautiful blossoms. Before we know it there will be an array of flowers, the rain will begin to choose its days a bit more sparsely, and the sun will greet us more often…sometimes for days at a time.

I do get weary of the rain, but that is life in the PNW. When the sun does shine, you will see an extra dose of smiles as you walk through the grocery store, or venture out to a park. No one here takes the sun for granted. But we also do not plan too many birthday parties or other social events outside in case Mother Nature has a surprise up her sleeve. Camping is as popular here as anywhere…and even I shake my head at my own decision to pitch a tent now and then. But we try regardless. Maybe because the fresh air calls us, or perhaps because a few days of the sun shining gave us a false sense of security.

Regardless of our journey in the PNW, we all look forward to the sun while we tough it out through the, what at times feels endless, rain. Why? Because we know it won’t last forever, and the sun will shine again in our Emerald City.