Good morning everyone, I thought while you wait (excitedly I hope) for my new novel Watching Over Her, you might want to check out the project I worked on this past fall. Here is how it all came to be. While in Wisconsin this past spring, my daughter text me about a new business in Edmonds. The business owner was willing to have local artists sell their products on a commission base. I contacted her and told her I would love to bring my books and photography in to see what we could work out. As soon as she heard I was an author she asked if I would be willing to write her memoirs. We agreed to discuss it when I came in.

After meeting with her and talking about her life, I realized her story needed to be told. I admit it was a daunting project to listen to someone’s version, write it in a reader’s format, and not lose the person’s voice, but we both felt it was successfully done. The tough part was the two-month deadline to get this done because it was a Christmas present to her family. Give me a challenge, and I will push myself…and I did. It was delivered on time.

It is a very intriguing short story about what two people did for love…and survival in a illegal_love_cover_for_kindleforeign country. Hope you will check it out. You can find the link on my website or you can go directly to Amazon to purchase your copy.

As always thanks for reading my ramblings aka blogs. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week and weekend.

Happy reading…