Every time I type those two words, “The End”…I can’t help but cheer…even though I know the work is about to really start. Now that I have completed my fifth novel, I thought I’d share a bit about the book with you.

Over the past three years I have been working on a book that is reality and fiction…how’s that work, you ask? It’s complicated…but it works. Let’s start with where this idea started from which was with my husband. We were driving cross-country and I noticed livestock out in the cold and snow. My comment “why don’t they bring them into the barn?” was met with, “Oh, they don’t mind. They’re fine.”

Really??? I thought to myself…how does he know? That is when it hit me. Unless we are able to communicate our discomfort, people assume we are fine. Then the light started blinking rapidly and I heard this little voice in my head say, “You need to be Brook’s voice.”

I hope to have this book published by June 2017…maybe sooner. A lot of it depends on the edits that will take place. I am very excited to bring our story to life. To have Brook’s voice brought to life. This book also reveals paranormal activity that filled our lives…and that is the factual reality of this story.

My book, “Watching Over Her” is our story…Brook’s and mine, along with my other two children, and family members. He was a person with a voice, but he couldn’t use it…and life went on around him as if his voice, and he didn’t matter.

I have learned to forgive, I’ve learned to let go of the anger, I have learned to see the situation as it really was. I carried guilt, I carried loss, I carried sadness seasoned with anger…but now the writing of our story has brought more to life…it has brought peace.