As I say good-bye to 2016…I can’t help but smile as I ring in 2017. The truth is I don’t have resolutions for 2017. At least, not the standard idea of losing ten pounds, but I do like to set goals for myself. More of a “change” to how I do things now. I will be better about going through my mail and getting my filing done each week. I made a deadline to complete my photography project by year end 2016…oops. But since I am my own boss I am extending the deadline by a month, or perhaps two…but no more than that. I don’t plan to cheat myself out of treats and sweets…but perhaps, extend the time between enjoying them. Anyhow, you get the point, just little changes to how I run my life is about the extent of my plans.

I have another book that will come out in 2017, and the next one sits brewing in the background. I’d like to write more short stories, and perhaps put a book together of only short stories and poems. If that transpires, it would be great, but it won’t happen if it puts too much pressure on me to the point I’m not letting life take it’s course. Otherwise, I have a tendency to get stressed out, and then I’m not enjoying life.

In other words, I have no plans to put myself in an “I must get it done” box. I’ve been retired for many years, and I don’t care to put myself under that much pressure. I say this all now hoping it will be a reminder to me when I start getting the pulse rate increase.

So, there you have it. My plan is simply to enjoy life as it comes. I hope to accomplish my book and photography projects, but if I sleep until eight every morning…even better. If I enjoy 2017 for all it has to offer…now that will simply be wonderful.

For today I’d just like to wish all my family, friends, and readers a Happy New Year.