And still another day rolls around and Thanksgiving arrives tomorrow. Wow, where did the year go? Each year for the past six years I have celebrated Thanksgiving in different ways, in different places, and with different family members. No matter where I am, or whom I am with my heart is always with the ones I love…and for me, they are enough to be thankful for every day throughout the year.

I have my favorite memories, of course, and those are the holidays spent with family, friends, good food, lots of laughter, and game time in the traditional manner we had developed. When I owned my home in Shoreline, it was small, but we fit in just fine…usually on the high side of twenty people as the count would go. The men would retreat to the basement family room to cheer on their favorite team, while the women would gather around the kitchen and living room to share stories, laugh, and enjoy a glass of wine…or two. I had one bedroom set up with my PlayStation for the older children, and one for the younger children to occupy themselves with toys. No matter what part of the house you were in, a good time was enjoyed.

Over the years the manner in which I celebrate this all-important holiday has changed. The reasons are there, but I’d have to say one of the biggest changes happened after my sister, Cathy, passed away. Perhaps she was the glue that kept so many of us together, though I fear it was events afterward that changed the dynamics of our celebrations. Sometimes change is good…sometimes it just is.

This year Dan and I will be with my daughter, her equal half, Jason, and some of Jason’s relatives. I know there will still be Thanksgivings that bring our family down from Canada, and my siblings with their families together to celebrate, but for the years a different celebration is enjoyed I’ll continue to be thankful. Not just for the memories, but for the chance to celebrate at all. I have many family members that love me and that I love beyond words. So, no matter how you celebrate Thanksgiving, I truly hope you spend it with someone you can call a friend…someone you love…someone who loves you.

May your blessings be many, your troubles be few, your smiles be plentiful, and your tummy be full. Happy Thanksgiving to all.