This blog started out as a post of this sweet bluebird I photographed in the mountains of Colorado a few years ago. But my crazy brain continued to swirl with too many words for a post.dsc04217

The bluebird is a symbol of happiness…something we all desire. In may cultures, dating back thousands of years, the bluebird is thought as the harbinger of happiness. I love what they represent…and they are my favorite color, which is a bonus.

Over the past two years I have done a post on what I am thankful for every day during the month of November. I won’t do that this year. Not because I’m not thankful, but because I am thankful for everything, every day, and nothing can change that truth.

We all have trials…which may be an illness, depression, anxiety, or simply a tough decision to make. There are a number of reasons we may not want to get out of bed. It might be because we know we are out of milk and bread, but only have enough money for one item until our funds replenish in a week. It might be we have been told we have cancer…and have to decide whether to do treatment or not. Or as the holidays creep up they bring an enormous weight on our shoulder we simply can’t bear to carry that day.

Life is filled with an extraordinary amount of struggles we all face at one time or another. Times when we feel like they are piling up against the door, blocking our exit. But, the truth of the matter is, outside of those stumbling blocks, life can be pretty darn wonderful.

I have a wonderful family, a warm home, food to fill my belly, and leftover candy from Halloween…no, I’m not being glib…I love candy, and though I was willing to lose it all to the cute little ones, no one came, so I’ll not waste it. My daughter, Kristin, offered to take the large bowl of candy off my hands and bring it to work. Yes, this would have been my better decision, but I’ve gotten to a stage in life that a little piece of candy now and then is a good thing.

Focus…Cecily…focus….back to the point you’re trying to make…

What I’m trying to say it no matter what is going on with your life right now, I hope you can dig deep and find the strength you need to push through the cloud and find what might only be one silver lining…but a silver lining regardless.

I’m blessed with the desire to write, which has provided my soul with an outlet for healing. No matter how small or how huge my issue may be at any given time, today I’d like to say I’m happy…happy with my family, my decisions, my health, my life. And I hope no matter who you are you find happiness……we all deserve happiness…go and find yours.