I’m a quiet, shy person, so getting to know neighbors is not an easy step for me. I leave that to my husband who is the friendly one. I love how he engages with others, allowing me to stand back and listen. Living in a large apartment complex, I have a lot of neighbors within a stone’s throw. I’ve come to know a few, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the actual count of people living in our community.

But regardless of who I know, some people know me, and today was a great test of their kindness. My neighbor spotted someone trying to break into my car…in broad daylight. In fact, it was around 10:30 this morning. My neighbor’s daughter stepped outside making her presence known when she felt it didn’t seem right, and then her father came out as well. The prowler got back in his car and drove away. My neighbor came to my apartment and alerted me to the situation. He was able to provide a description of the guy, the license plate number and description of the vehicle the guy drove. Wow…was I ever thankful for my neighbors.

I contacted the police and my apartment complex office right away. Thankfully, the guy was not successful, but it shows the time of year is here where theft goes on the rise. By the way – it was a 1987 gray Nissan, 300ZX, coupe 2d, plate AJE4440. The guy was possibly Hispanic, with short dark hair, about 5’9″, and around 180 lbs. 

As we near the holiday season, crime historically increases. But the point of my blog today was to mention how wonderful neighbors can be. They didn’t know what this guy was capable of, yet they risked their safety to scare the guy off.

It’s also a reminder that we shouldn’t leave anything in our vehicles, and not just this time of year, but anytime. It’s sad that our private property isn’t private at all, that thieves think we want to share at our expense.

Having wonderful neighbors that care about each other is beyond a blessing. Anytime you see something that looks suspicious, I hope you will be there for your neighbor too.