My life as an indie author has opened up my eyes to my creativeness. When I finished my first novel, Do I Know You, I had planned to go with traditional publishing, mainly because I didn’t have a clue what to do next. I attended the Rocky Mountain Writers Conference and gained some insight. I listened to experienced authors, had a synopsis reading with an agent, joined in a few classes…and came out still wondering what to do. It wasn’t anyone’s fault but my own…I just didn’t get it.

However, I decided to try the traditional method. I did my research on agents and began submitting to a few. Then I had a conversation with a friend and found out by going with an agent I would lose some of my creative control. The editors may want this changed, or that changed. The cover, well, that would not be in my control at all. I’m sure they would give me the opportunity to say yay or nay, but the point is it would no longer be my cover.

I gave this situation a pondering…for quite a while. Then the light switch was flipped and after talking to another friend who was an indie author, the rebel in me reared up and off to the indie world I went…along with my lack of experience.

My friend suggested I look at CreateSpace, along with other publishing companies. I did my research, viewing each company as if they were all on the same playing field and chose CreateSpace as my company.

CreateSpace has been amazingly easy to work with from beginning to end. Even making changes to either the cover or uploading an updated manuscript…it’s been a breeze. I can’t imagine being anything other than an indie, because what I have created in my books is my vision, my world, my imagination…and I plan to keep it that way. Thanks to CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing…I am my own boss.

So, if you are considering letting your creative side blossom, go for it, and remember you are the force behind it all, so read, write, and be happy. #PoweredByIndie