Life has many special moments…a first kiss…first home…the birth of our children. I could go on and on, but today it’s about spending time with grandchildren. When I came back from my two plus months of traveling, I had my next adventure in my sites. I took Sav and Jo, my daughter Kristin’s children, to the cabins at Bayview. We spent time at the beach, a day at Deception Pass, then wrapped up our two-night, three-day vacation at Wenberg State Park.

During our time, we talked, read, searched for rocks, shells and anything interesting the beach had to offer. We explored (Sav led the way) as we hiked up a hill to get where needed in order to have access to the beach. We were forced to turn away from a shortcut when the tide started coming in faster than anticipated…let me tell you that is some cold water…YIKES. We laughed, ate whatever we wanted…whenever we wanted, including a special trip back to the store for ice cream. My hamburger cooking is nothing special, but you’d never know that by how quickly my grandchildren ate. They thought everything I cooked was great. We slept well, ate well, played hard, relaxed often…and let life work around our schedule.

There are special moments in life we always remember; adding to my list was hearing Jo and Sav tell me how much fun they had. Jo even said it was the best vacation ever…next to Disneyland, of course. Maybe it was all the junk food talking, or the “no rules” theme, but hearing those words meant a lot to me. It told me these two young ladies enjoy my company…and they’d do it again next year without hesitation. Love is being a grandmother…and I’m thankful for these special moments in my journey through life.