Two simple words I have just typed on my latest book. Yes, I’m in the middle of releasing my fourth book, which is book three to my Sara series – stay tuned for a trailer coming soon. But this book was one I’d been working on in the background for a couple of years now. I’m not clear on the title yet…and the editing will likely take a good amount of time, but it’s the story of my son, Brook, who died as an infant. May of you know about Brook. Whether you know him or not, I hope you will read the book and get to know him. With his blessing and the blessing of all involved, it was time to tell his story. It is a novella, meaning smaller than a novel (at this point anyhow), the genre is Reality Fiction. It has Brook’s voice and also deals with real paranormal experiences I have lived through since his death.

When I start editing this book, it will play a part on how my soul feels each time, but my strength will be renewed by Brook’s spirit, friends, and family. I’m done writing for today, this adventure has taken a toll on me, and I’ll have the pleasured company of two of my grandkids, Sav and Jo, for the afternoon and evening. Sav will help me with my book trailer for Four of Spades, and Jo will assist. Then we will fill the rest of the night with games, pizza, and a movie.

To all the authors out there writing, and all of you reading…I think these two little words “The End” may have a different meaning. To me, right now…it means I can take a breath, shed a tear, be exhilarated, smile and feel the warmth of Brook wrapped around me…all at the same time.