Birthday PhotoThat’s me…sixty-six and sassy. As another year came to an end, whether I liked it or not, my mind seemed to go into memory overload. I found my somewhat sleepless nights leading up to my birthday filled with memories. I was forced to reflect on my life. Some memories good, some great…and, of course, some not so great. No matter what memory was flooding in at the time, I tried to focus on the positive areas of my life. Bringing beautiful children into the world has been my greatest joy, my hardest job, and the most rewarding for sure. I look at their faces and know the world is truly better because they are in it. I have loved a few men in my days…two of which fathered my children, and though love was lost I look at what I gained, my babies. The husband I share my life with now has been the one to teach me what marriage is all about…the ins and outs, the ups and downs, the good, bad, and indifferent. If I had only know younger in life what I know now…but then I wouldn’t be where I am today, and that I cannot imagine.

It’s hard to push away the memories of bad choices I’ve made, but I try to learn from them. Because without mistakes, mishaps, or whatever you call them, I wouldn’t have the strength to try and do it better next time. Life is all about learning…and I continue to learn daily. It doesn’t matter how small or how important what I learn each day is…it’s about learning. I try to share my “old age” knowledge whenever possible. I figure someone, besides me, should gain from my mistakes. Whether they take that advice to heart, or not, is up to them.

So for all the joys, all the fun, and all the tears shared with those I love, here’s to another year passed and a new year to explore what life has to offer.