What is faith to me? I’ll tell you one thing, it’s not all these darn labels we live with. Sure there are labels we need in order to get the assistance, recognition, and awareness needed to help others…such as April being the Awareness for Autism month, or Suicide Awareness in September, but when it comes to my faith…don’t call me Christian and expect me to pump up my chest in pride. I have found many that use their religious denomination as a cover for evil, a reason to sin, or a mask to hide their truth. My definition of “faith” is “holding onto hope”. It comes in many flavors…for some it means going to church every Sunday. Others it means standing in the forest and enjoying God’s beauty. Some people read their bibles every day “faithfully” – while others struggle to talk to God at all. There are prayer groups, all “religions” have them…and they will pray until they can pray no more, sometimes on their knees, for whatever is needed.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ, I believe in who He is and that he is the Son of God. Do I need to prove it by going to church, reading my bible daily, volunteering my services? I use to think that was important. I use to feel the only way to prove my faith was to visibly be a good Christian, which, I might add, is impossible. So, now I’d have to answer no. I already know how I feel in my heart, and that living life as He feels I should is the only thing that matters to me. If I fail, it’s up to me to ask for forgiveness. Will I stop going to church, stop praying, or stop reading my bible…no, but do I do it because I’m a Christian and it’s expected of me…no. Holding onto hope means living in my faith as I feel is needed…I don’t care if I’m judged by others, because in the long run only Jesus can judge me.

Holding onto hope means we want something that helps to define what we are here on earth, and that there is something greater waiting for us when we die. Hope fills us with courage, strength, and an endurance we might not be able to muster up without it.

I don’t care what faith you are…I only care that you feel it’s what you need to get through your day, and to find promise in tomorrow. So, whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Spiritual, Atheist…it doesn’t matter as long as you have faith. So, pray, walk, meditate, or whatever you feel keeps your faith strong…take the steps you need knowing that thread of faith, no matter how weak or strong will be the key to holding onto hope.