Something we all suffer from now and then. Is it justified, or did someone put the bug in our head that we aren’t as good as we want to think we are? I believe the culprit becomes an issue, in part, because we compare ourselves to others. For me, when I look at other photographers work, my immediate reaction is to put my camera away. Bury it somewhere in the back of a closet and never think about it again. And as for my writing…well, there are times when I look at the books I’ve published, and all I see are “fire starters”…or scratch paper.
Then I get an email from someone, either a relative I rarely see or Facebook friends who like my photos and it encourages me to go on. Or someone that came across my blog and decided to join my website, and I realize that it doesn’t matter how many times I doubt myself, someone out there appreciates my efforts, and suddenly I’m able to pick up the camera, or start clicking away at my keyboard just one more time.
If I could go back in time and take classes to enhance my passions with actual “know-how”, I would…and I might be less likely to bash myself during times when doubt becomes the focus for the moment…or hours. Now I encourage children to utilize the resources and hang onto whatever comes their way to help polish their passions. I also take advantage of opportunities that come my way that contributes to my growth as an author or photographer.
Today I read a new blog entry by J.A. Jance. If you have never read her books, you are missing out. I am a follower/fan, so when she posts, I get notices…and I find myself anxious for the quiet moments I can spend reading about her adventures. She travels a lot and makes the adventures fun to follow. When I read her blog this morning, I realized “self-doubt” isn’t my issue alone…nope, she has it too. An accomplished author of her caliber and she has confidence issues…wow. So, instead of spending my time bashing myself due to my incompetence, I lift my head a bit and tell myself “it’s okay.” Some people love what I do, and suddenly being only an amateur author or photographer is just fine with me. I am who I am, and I’m having fun.
So, for those days when doubt tries to work it’s way into your day, find a mirror and tell yourself how proud you are of who you have become. Most importantly…I hope you believe it.