Sometimes we make decisions that are easy and some not so easy…this decision had me pondering for a few years. I’ve colored my hair for so many years, I wasn’t even sure I would recognize my original color. But the time has come for me to shed the dye, bare the real, and let the glitter of my hair shine through. Yes, I call it glitter (a term snatched from a posting on Facebook), instead of gray because I like the way it sounds. I talked to a hairdresser about stripping the color out…not a good idea. I checked into products I could purchase on my own, and apply myself, from the local hair product shop…also not a good idea. It would have bleached out the color and I could have potentially had yellow hair…not for me, and that’s not even talking about the damage it could do. So, it is growing out slowly…quarter inch by quarter inch. I admit it was a bit frightening for me, but I’m getting use to it more each day. I’m doing okay with it at this point, I think because I’ve realized something important, I’ve earned this glitter. I’m also okay with this decision because I decided it was time to embrace my age. Age doesn’t stop me trying to look my best, unless it’s a stay at home scrub the floors type of day, but let’s face it, I look at myself in the mirror every morning, I see the changes in my face…so let’s get this change completed. One step I still need to take is changing my portrait shot for the back of my books. I don’t like having my picture taken…at all…but I’ll tough through it and may even get it done before the release of “As If Yesterday”…but time will tell, the deadline is looming and I don’t want to reset the timer. One very helpful part of this process is having a husband that loves me regardless of my glitter (he hasn’t even a noticeable amount of gray hair yet…grrrrr). He loves the way I am, wrinkle for wrinkle, and glitter too. It’s not a choice for everyone, but for me this process will work out okay…I am loved for more than my youth…I am loved for my heart, mind and soul as well. So glitter…bring it on.