There are many times in life where I’ve made mistakes…yes, hard to believe, right? Anyhow, all joking aside, I have made my share. As a child, I doubt highly that I admitted to these errors in my judgment. As an adult it has become easier to say, “hey, I was wrong” or “yeah, that was stupid of me”…I’m not perfect, there are times I struggle too, but in the end I try to do what is right and bite the bullet.
So why do so many people still struggle with the concept? I recently read a FB post where someone talked about others creating an unpleasant situation and how this person found a way to move forward. I admire that strength, because that is where maturity shows its true colors. I do not have a clue what it was about, but it brought up a situation that inspired this blog.
You see, it is obvious the person that wrote that post on FB gets the true fundamentals in life…when so many others do not. It’s called being real…so what about the person that never gets it, will they go through life always wanting to blame someone else for their misfortune, or their unhappiness…or worse yet, their mistakes?
If I forget to get gas in my car or pick up bread at the store, the world will still roll on as before. However, I’ll berate myself for being forgetful and inconveniencing my husband as we head out the next day without our morning toast and because now he needs to fuel up for a trip across town. I’ll easily take the blame…no big deal on that one, right??? When I’m wrong, I’m wrong…it doesn’t stop the world; it doesn’t make the birds’ stop flying or the rain from coming. In fact, it will not change anything. These are simple fixes, and trust me there are many of these situations that occur. I know I jokingly blame it on old age…but in reality that is still an “oops, my fault” moment.
I recently heard a person complaining because they got a traffic ticket. The policeman pulled this person (no, this time it wasn’t me) over for making an illegal left turn and for not wearing a seatbelt. Yes, the sign was clearly marked there was not left turn allowed, but they felt it did not apply to them. Really???? So, that is when the “I am NOT wrong” comments started. This person could hardly contain themselves; the ugly side came out to play with nastiness and harshness galore. Then it was revealed that the police officer wrote a ticket for “no seatbelt” and let the other go with a warning (would have been close to a $500.00 fine), you would think the “yeah, I was in the wrong” words would have flowed easily…but you would have been wrong…because the ugliness continued.
People often surprise me…even at my older age, but what is sad to me is the disappointment that comes with that surprise. I feel deep in my heart that when people cannot admit wrong doing, can’t say they are sorry, or try to change their behavior in these situations…they are losing out. They are not growing in the beauty of life, in the beauty of relationships, in the beauty of even the newest friendships.
I guess what I’m saying is, let it go…don’t hang on to the embarrassment of an error in judgment…free yourself and those around you by taking on the sense of humility and admit when you are wrong. You will be a better person and in reality you will be much happier.
Life is short…be real.