As the sun begins to shine, I watch the blue sky as it brightens. It will be a bit warmer here in Denver today. Not quite warm enough to stretch out on my new gravity chair, but it’s getting there.
Every day we wake up and start our day without any warning of accidents or misfortunes of any kind. Instead, we sing (yes, I’m a hummer), chat with family members, enjoy our first cup of coffee and perhaps a bagel or toast. We plan our day of shopping, errands or work, if you are still in that stage of your life (I love being retired). Simply said, we go about our day without any thought to how quickly it can change. We move about with faith we can enjoy our day and not fret.
Throughout our lives, we feel the sorrow of lost loves, passing friends and family member and, of course, general disappointments. There are days when an accident occurs that might bring us to a stop for a few days or even a few months, and we thank God it wasn’t any worse. I experienced three losses in 2013, a stepbrother, a younger sister and dear friend, and at the time I wondered if my heart would ever mend. It is when one of those unbearable tragedies rises up before us we are reminded of how fragile life is. How life as we know it can change in the blink of an eye.
Do you ever wonder why we don’t lock ourselves up in our homes for fear of an accident, a broken heart, or a possible disappointment?
I believe it is because we are also grateful for the wonders of life. The trees, the flowers…the promise of spring crocus making their way through the dirt to announce the coming of warmer weather and outside enjoyment. We are excited to have lunch with a friend, go to our child’s school function or whatever our day holds.
As quickly as life can change, I don’t sit and fret about it, and I hope you don’t either. My daughter told me once; worrying is like rocking in a rocking chair, it’s a lot of motion, but you are going nowhere. I try not to worry, notice I said, “try”…because no matter what, it won’t stop a tragedy or accident of any degree.
So, as I watch the sun come up and the blue sky brighten, I plan my day as if the world is the most wondrous place of all and today is going to be a great day. I may be getting ahead of myself here, but before we know it, the buds will make their way out on the branches and the ground will move as flowers push themselves up toward the sun. It’s a beautiful day for sure.