As I begin my journey for this year, 2014, I can’t help but be excited. When I opened the blinds, I could see new snow had blown in during the night. Not that snow excites me, we all know how I feel about snow, but it’s okay because it’s only a dusting. I was suspicious it might have snowed, because of how quiet it was outside…a sure give away.

Snow aside, it’s a new year; one I hope will be filled with health and happiness for everyone. What I am so excited about is I’ve written two more books and thought I would share a little bit about them with you…yes; I’m hoping to get you excited too.

Book two is a sequel to my first novel, “Do I Know You”. For those of you that didn’t read book one, here is a little taste:

    Sara lives in Washington State and as a young woman knows the meaning of tragedy. With an inheritance most of us can only dream of, she ventures to Seaside, Oregon for a vacation and finds herself face to face with Rob, a childhood boyfriend. What appears to be a chance meeting with Rob is anything but that. Still, Sara ignores messages that are revealed in her dreams and allows the fast paced romance with Rob, a man she should not trust, lead to marriage. Sara loves her new life until tragedy strikes…leaving her to fight for her life.

I’ll be careful not to say too much here, hoping others will want to read book one before reading the sequel, but for those of you that did read my first novel, the second book brings a different twist to how life can turn upside down in the blink of an eye. It’s filled with suspense and brings the world of manipulation to a new light. The title is “Taking What Is Mine” and my goal is to bring it to your hands by late spring.

Even I didn’t expect my third book titled “As If Yesterday”. I took the National Novel Writers challenge during the month of November and successfully wrote another novel. I love my characters, especially my leading lady, Mi, a strong and independent woman. Life’s experience have taught her…well, here is a taste, you be the judge:

After thirteen years of running away from her past, Mi returns and find herself standing on the steps of the house that haunts her, her life, her being. She feels her grandfather’s hands, feels her skin crawl…feels what she has become because of it. 

She hoped this move back home would change her somehow. Wishing it would be okay this time, but it’s the same, she’s the same. 

She calls him, but there is no answer. In truth, she didn’t expect him to say her name, feel her skin…not anymore

One man has found her, pursued her and will stop at nothing to unbury the truth.

The past drove her to be whom she is…leaving a trail of secrets behind her she strives to be someone else, someone a man can love, someone her family can love. The fear of discovery has taught her to skim past the questions, change direction of conversations and look away from the truth of what she is, who is she…victim or monster – will they love her or will they see…her?

So there you have it folks…I hope you found this little preview interesting enough to get a copy of each when they are published. And if you haven’t read book one, you can pick up a copy on Amazon, look for it under the title “Do I Know You” by CJ Vermote. Or use the link from my website, It’s available in paperback or Kindle and if you don’t have a Kindle, you can get it on Smashwords for other readers. I hope you are looking forward to an exciting year and are ready to make friends with my characters as they experience a life of suspense.

With one novel published in 2013, along with two more novels written, this next year of 2014 should prove to be filled with the accomplishment of getting them published and hopefully into your hands to read. Thanks for reading my blog and for reading my novels and enjoying my characters.

Life is a journey, and I am enjoying the ride. I hope you can live, laugh, love and be thankful…I know I am.