Christmas has come and gone. The holiday season was busy and fun. I enjoyed lunches and brunches with wonderful friends. My husband and I enjoyed beautiful lights when our day came to an end and night took over as we drove from one place to another or home from a friends. As I read Facebook posts, there were prayers needed, commentaries given, pictures posted of laughing children, missing pets and more because reality is; there is always happy and sad days throughout the year, and this year was no exception. Currently, there is the hubbub about Phil Robertson, the ObamaCare, or lack there of. There is the weather many of us struggle to get through, the gray clouds, the snow hindering our driving…or testing our abilities, or the rain that freezes to the pavement making the evening commute a need for patience, talent and luck. There are millions of people who suffered the lost of a loved one, ranging from a newborn who was unable to take more than a breath, to adults that have lived long and happy lives. There were tragedies that filled the days of our police officers, firemen and even the reporters expected to keep their emotions out of their “on the scene” video moments.
Life goes on, whether there is a holiday or not. If you were blessed with only happy days, you were blessed for sure. My wish is that, with the twinkling lights, the presents, the smiles and laughter, we find hope throughout the coming year. Hope that someday the world will come together, not just during the holidays, not just when there is a “cease-fire” dictated by our leaders, and not just when it looks good…but all the time.
Right now it seems so many are outraged because Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty quoted the bible and lives by the words it holds, yet we allow our children to play video games filled with torture, murder and mayhem. And what about the music lyrics that fill their young impressionable ears. Maybe we should be more worried about the mixed messages being sent to our children and less about making sure every sitcom has a gay person, or a gay couple adopting a child. Honestly, I hear more about gay marriages than I hear about solutions on how to save a child being abused or neglected. I don’t see anything wrong with someone who believes in God’s direction for their life. Everyone is so worried about being politically correct that we are shunned if we say “Merry Christmas” these days, not that it stops me. From what I understand, many people come to this country from around the world to save themselves from persecution for their religious beliefs, yet, as soon as someone brings up the bible, all hell breaks loose. I don’t care if someone is gay, a redneck, a tree hugger or politician. I do, however, care if they are a child molester, thief, or an abuser. The network knew who he was when they took on the show, so they shouldn’t have been surprised. It’s not my call on whether he should have been suspended or not, but I can say I’d rather have someone quoting the bible than someone using language that makes the majority of the show a “blipping” contest.
My point is that freedom of speech holds for everyone, not only for those who say what everyone wants to hear, not for just the cute stuff filled with fluff and giggles…but for the hard words some people feel the need to express. I’m sure some people have read my words and said “wow, did she really say that” (this blog included), and though I don’t always agree with someone else’s opinion…I’ll listen regardless because it is the diversity of our words that make us individuals. We live in a new world…one I can barely keep up with myself. Do I like everything that goes on, heck no, but changes come regardless. Fortunately, I can change the channel…whether it’s on the television or some radio station ranting about politicians…I decide what I want to support, ignore or simply throw away. Our culture is becoming very diverse, maybe even described as desensitized, but either way we all have an opinion. If we don’t like it, we are blessed with the ability to tune it out. Everyone has their own opinion and many of them…me included…feel the need to let you know how we feel. So I hope you understand that when you read about something that shocks you, or even angers you and keep in mind, it is only an opinion. My husband and I are very opinionated and not always on the same page I might add, but we still manage to go to bed at night knowing those opinions didn’t change our love for each other.
My concern is more for the ones that do not share their opinion but keep them deep inside. Will they do something unthinkable like going into school to shoot their classmates and teachers, or become the adult that shoots their children, spouse and then themselves leaving a multitude of unanswered questions? What is their story…and how will it end?