You may wonder what I have to say about tattoos that would be of any interest. And to you, it may not be…it’s speculative truthfully, so you can stop here if you wish.

Someone recently asked what prompted the tattoos I adorn. Their thinking was that people get tattoos because someone else influenced them. That it is a fade among some and they will regret it later. The reality is I like Merlin (the magician) and I like flowers…so why not. I have other tattoos I’d like to get…a dragonfly and a memorial to my son that passed when he was an infant, but the truth be known I’m not as young as I once was and I might not heal as well…old skin and all that. Also because my husband is not a big fan of tattoos so why go there…right?

I wonder why there is such a stigma carried with tattoos, usually among my generation and older. It has been expressed that only hooligans get tattoos. Trailer trash, rebellious people with no sense of class, bikers or simply poor white trash. I’d like to see if I could shed a different view on these thoughts if you will indulge me for a moment. Let’s start with women who don’t hesitate to “put their face on” every morning. It’s a ritual of painting colors that enhance and accentuate. Some of us color our hair to hide the gray and look years younger, or maybe to highlight the color we have. Men, you too are a part of this discussion…you color your hair, change your facial hair with mustaches, beards and yes, you too pierce your ears. We dress each day to please ourselves and hopefully please others. Not everyone chooses to carry out appearance the way “society” expects…I’m not only referring to baggie pants – they are a story of their own and not one I know, I’m simply referring to the less conservative styles we see daily. There are those that go to tanning salons or lay out in the sun to get as dark as they possibly can…yes, that too is changing the color of your skin, just not in one spot…it’s all over you. We pierce our ears (a form of mutilation…right?) but instead of being degraded for it, we are encouraged with all the beautiful earrings available to purchase…come on ladies, you know you are glad it’s accepted, the clip-on style earrings hurt…a lot. But why would you want something on your skin you have to live with everyday for the rest of your life…I’ve been asked and I answer, because I can, and familiar makes me comfortable. The point is I love tattoos and I support artists. It is an interesting process and anyone who is talented enough to freehand beautiful pictures is all right in my book. I appreciate the gift they have and I’m honored to wear their work.

The history of tattoos began over 5000 years ago and is as diverse as the people who wear them. In case you are interested in reading further, here is a website that can explain in more detail…

I can always tell a tat lover because they will come up and say “nice tat” or “where did you get your tattoos done” – some people have asked if it hurt, of which I tell them yes, it hurt a lot. There are people that have told me they want to get one but are too afraid of needles, wouldn’t know what to get or they don’t think they can endure the pain. I let them know I appreciate their honesty and suggest they start with a henna tattoo.

I watched a talk show once…so long ago now I can’t remember the name but they were discussing tattoos. The host asked the audience how many people had a tattoo – visible or not – and about 80% of the people raised their hands. There were people from all walks of life – from housewives and firemen to bank executives and doctors. Yes, some were required to cover them during their working hours, but they chose to have them regardless.

I’ve been told our body belongs to God and we are not allowed to “mutilate” it in any way…that marking your body is a sign of the devil. Really…you are going to go there when all the tribes that have practiced tattooing for centuries are God’s children too? It doesn’t mean they worship the devil; simply that it is their culture. Who has the right to approve or disapprove what other cultures do. Some say it’s because they don’t know God and don’t understand his teachings…no doubt those people are probably planning a mission trip right now to set them straight. Think what you want, it’s okay by me; we are all individuals. I’m taught if a child molester or murderer asks God for forgiveness for their sins, he will forgive them and off to heaven they go…that said, I think God will forgive those of us that like our skin decorated.

So if you are a tattoo adorner, wear them with pride. If you are thinking about getting one, I hope you go for it…the pain doesn’t last forever. If you still oppose or look down on those of us that have them…so be it.

No matter how you express your individuality, embrace it, love it and have fun.