It’s me again and, of course, I have more to say…regarding a blog I wrote back in November discussing abortion. If you remember, in that blog I stated I do not agree or disagree in having an abortion, I simply believe there are more sides to an issue. But it doesn’t end there because I am continually driven by the chatter in my head and feel the need to get this out there as well.

I hear, often, the issue on killing babies. So, what are we doing allowing our sons and daughters to be shipped off to risk their lives on foreign soil? Aren’t they someone’s baby? We criticize and condemn the woman for making the decision to abort a fetus before she feels the movement of life in her belly, yet we approve the leaders of this country to send our babies to fight their war because they have yet to find a civilized way to work things out. Yes, I said civilized…we teach our children to talk out their issues… no hitting, no biting, no pulling hair…but we cannot…as adults…figure this out. We rally to stop violence in schools, bullying, domestic violence, and child abuse – but in the same breath we spend millions of our tax dollars on war. Somehow I’m thinking we are sending our children mixed messages. And let’s not forget the millions, possibly billions we spend rebuilding what we just blew up so we, or the opposing group, can blow it up again. We have children all summer going hungry because school is out leaving them without a meal program to help, so as a side note, stop rebuilding and feed our children. I love living in a free country, always will, so I’m not saying to take down our defenses and let there be a free for all. I’m simply pointing out the similarities.

Wars have been around since before Christ and because of our human nature and the Enemy that roams the earth, it appears there always will be. These children…and I call them children because the boys have yet to shaved long enough to know what a “five o’clock shadow” is, nor are the women old enough to even look for a product to reduce those “hot flashes”…yes, I said it…hot flashes, take pride in their country and do what they are told, as their governing body sends them out into these lands with rifles to kill any threat recognized in their eyes. They are expected to protect, train, and rebuild at all costs, even the cost of their life.

I watched a show today in which a mother revealed her son was sent to Afghanistan to train the police officers on how to take care of their streets. One morning while a few young men were on base using the gym, the same Afghanistan police officers they were training, came in, rifles in hand (on a US Military base, mind you) and killed these military men in cold blood. And this is the country we are sending money to rebuild??? Again…this makes no sense, and neither did the death of these men.

But it’s to protect our country you say??? Yes, it is. Now you might be asking me how I can put both situations in one box. It’s easy for many to judge people who get abortions and those that help them, but because war is an element as common as the air we breathe, we accept it as normal, with promises our military men and women are coming home. Yea, tell that to my nephew who was shipped out before Thanksgiving.

Think about it…it’s because of these wars we are expecting these young men and woman to fight no matter what and that to me has significant similarities. An expectant mother and father make a decision about the child they cannot keep, for their own reasons, so they abort the fetus. As I said before, what might that child have been protected from?

On the other side, a political figure consciously says to a young man or woman to kill that offender and don’t come home until I tell you. Vietnam changed the lives of millions of men and women as well as with a list of other battles we have been and are currently involved with.

I guess my point is, I don’t understand how we can justify one form of killing and judge for another form – maybe Gods’ Commandment “Thou Shall Not Kill”…only apply “sometimes”.