Though my heart is still heavy from the loss of my sister, at the same time it is hard not to see the blessings my life is filled with daily. I have written more than one blog in regards to my move from Washington to Colorado. Though I miss my family, I have been blessed with a wonderful life here and with Dan…far exceeding my expectations. When you love someone as much as I love Dan, you don’t care where that love takes you as long as you are together…we are now one, a family within its own rights. But as much as I love him, leaving family was difficult.

That being said, over the past couple years I’ve met and made friends with some great people. And today I want to express my gratitude to a particular group…my church family. God leads us in directions we don’t always understand or agree with but it’s His direction and we follow that lead…or at least try to.

I have a big family – covering parts of the Pacific Northwest, Canada, my son and daughter-in-law in Reno, and my extended family through Dan farther to the east of us. Over the last two years I have gained another family, a family that also loves me and protects my heart with their love through Jesus. I am so grateful for all of them. I have never had a church family as warm and caring as they are and I am thankful everyday.

Trials in life keep me wondering what it’s all about sometimes, so I turn to my bible, friends, family, but most importantly to God. I am emotionally tapped right now and it would have been easy to sleep in and let rest wash over me, but I didn’t – I needed to be with my church family and feel their comfort and love surround me. It isn’t a matter of words, though comforting as they might be, there is little to be said in times of sorrow…no it was the hugs…the sincerity in which they are given that I felt today. So, I want to thank them all…for who they are through God and as my family. I am blessed.

Now I can say I have a huge family…bigger than most and as wonderful as ever. Thank you God, for I know through them you are wrapping your arms around me with your love.