I lost another sibling today…this time a sister. Has the world stopped yet…feels like it should with the pain in our hearts…but no it still hammers away. Laurie was younger and a whole lot sweeter than I will ever be. She was the sister we would find sleeping in the dog house with the dogs…just because she loved them so much. Never an angry word, sour tone or negative thought…Laurie loved everyone and everything.

Now my brother-in-law Alan will be expected to forge forward…has the world stopped yet? Still the answer is no…it hammers away. Why do I want so much to stop the spinning ground we walk on and have everyone take a minute just to remember Laurie and her sweet ways…because she was so sweet. It won’t make the news in the fashion of the Boston bombings…or even the local news of our neighborhoods…but she will radiate her goodness into the air and with that I guess I have to be satisfied. I’m not being realistic because today is filled with sorrow…for Alan, the rest of my siblings, the generations following ours, Laurie’s friends and extended family…and for me.

I know tomorrow and the days that follow will be constant reminders of how important family is…so hug your sister, brother, child, grandchild, family members alike…and don’t forget your friends.

Rest in peace Laurie…love forever and a day.