There are memories in our life that wait patiently to appear. The day comes and that memory begins a journey into our day like a bubble in the bottom of a pan of boiling water…bubbling up it rises to the top and screams to break free. Yesterday was that day for me. It will, all too quickly, be followed by an equally strong haunting memory.

During our walk through life our events become memories. Some are so pleasant we smile all day knowing we would experience that day again in a heartbeat. Other memories haunt us as if it will stop an equally strong heartbeat. It hovers at the top of that boiling pan and smiles knowing with it will come pain and sorrow.

Most memories stand-alone, they have a beginning, middle and end. Others know they hold a second chapter and at times can shadow the initial memory with the anticipation of it coming. Sadness can grip your heart as if every fiber will be torn from it’s beginning.

Regardless of how the chapters in our lives are created, they are there forever, etched in fine paper. If I could change some pages, rewrite them to fit my own desires I would, but that isn’t how my book is written. The particular pages of life as I know them will stream more pages I cannot stop. No matter how much I pray to stop that bubbling chapter from churning up to the top of the boiling pan of water it will come anyhow. Sometimes I wish my life could skip over these days, “move on I say and let’s get to May”. My saving grace is knowing the day will pass to the next and with it the memory I dread shall be tucked away in the memory box again. There are days throughout the year the haunting memory will work hard to poke its head out of the box. Some days it will succeed. Other days it cannot overcome the beautiful colors of the sweet memory that stands before it. I look forward to those days. I know it will be followed by the other, but how can I not want to feel those wonderful moments again, how can I not want to feel those seconds that shine as bright as a star in my heart.

I have lived many days gathering memories along the way. Some memories written with joy and some with sadness I cannot escape. These two memories I spoke about are simply moments in time for my book has many pages.