As you know I am a Christian…which summed up means I have a relationship with Jesus that has gotten me through some very dark times and keeps me smiling through the rest. I am very blessed to have a great home church. It’s a small church and when I first moved to Colorado, I was welcomed as if we had all grown up together. My pastor is a wonderful teacher and I learn from him weekly, but at times he has others give the lesson…such as this past Sunday when our youth pastor stepped up to share his trip with the teens. As a group they experienced “Dare 2 Share”. It’s a Christian gospel youth ministry.

As Brent spoke, my interest and emotions continued to build as each word rang of wisdom, sadness, fear, love and growth…yep, just about every emotion. He talked about experiences they had shared…like jumping off of cliff into the water and trusting God while doing it. Then he had a couple of the teens come up and talk about their adventure at Wal-Mart, going up and asking people randomly if they believed in Christ. There is more to this story but the point is they went out of their comfort zone to reach out to others. They also texted friends to see where they were in their faith and that’s when emotions started to build.

Part of the program had kids ask their friends to sum up their life in six words. They had done this themselves already….and the answers were staggering. They may be smiling on the outside but may of them answered – lonely, feeling abandon by their parents, unloved, scared, wanting to die…..the list goes on.

Dare 2 Share is teaching kids how to trust their lives to God and not be afraid anymore. It gives them strength, love, compassion and understanding while they continue to learn and grow in their walk with God.

As I listened to Brent and the kid’s talk, I was inspired to share with all of you. We also watched a propaganda video that kids understand, so I’ve added the link and ask only that you take a few moments to watch this with your children. It is powerful and delivers a message in a way they can relate to.

After you listen to it, ask them to write down how they feel about their life in six words….truthfully. Then ask them to talk to you about it. If they are not comfortable talking to you about them…have them give the list to someone they trust or email me and I’ll talk to them. Look for a chapter of Dare 2 Share in your area or see how you can get your kids involved. There are so many lost children in this world and some of them could be right under your nose. There have always been youth groups through churches; my daughter was very active in hers and I wish my son had been. But this is something so different and so needed to help our children get through some of their darkest times and become strong God loving adults. I am a parent, and I know how it is when you ask how they are and all you ever get is “fine”. Reaching children deep inside to understand them is hard, I’m no expert for sure, but maybe with the right tools they can be reached. And that tool is Jesus Christ.

So, here it is…I challenge you and your children to watch this video then write down the six words that describe their life and you do the same…honestly…send it to me either through Facebook (private message) or email me…either one and I promise to talk to you about it…maybe point you in a direction that could help you. I am not a preacher, teacher, or scholar – but I am a Christian that loves God and knows how much he loves me…even with all the shortcomings I have and there are A LOT…trust me. Maybe…just maybe we can help one child not feel hopeless…or maybe it’s you that needs that extra hug.

I’m here and so is God…