“They are killing 50,000 babies a day”….those were the words of a very sweet lady I met this past week. She was talking about abortion. It was part of the political campaign used to sway voters to a different outcome during this past Presidential vote. This blog is not about the need to overturn Roe vs. Wade or about right or wrong when it comes to abortion at all or whether I believe in abortion or not…it’s to give a different view and maybe shed light on other points regarding this issue.

I don’t know statistically how correct those figures are but let’s go ahead and use them for the sake of argument. So here we go – if they are “killing” 50,000 babies a day then maybe they are “saving” 50,000 babies a day from suffering Shaking Baby Syndrome by the hands of a parent who can’t handle the screaming at night, or from abuse…mentally, physically or sexually by the “oh so loving” parent…or from going hungry because the parent hasn’t the money for even a box of cereal while the beer in the refrigerator or the casino down the street hold the parent captive. Or saving them from being supported by the state on our already strained welfare system, allowing mom to stay home and watch Jerry Springer and ignore the child to the point of neglect – and just a reminder, our welfare system is supported by you and your taxes that are continually getting raised and would be better served in our public schools, an entirely different and also fueled (by my thoughts) blog. Then there are the babies born to a crack addict mom who will give her baby up, or have it taken away by the state…only to go out and get pregnant again. Who is responsible for taking care of those babies as they suffer the physical and mental consequences of a mom who struggles to get clean, and if she does, her genetic pattern may be altered or destroyed from her abuse, so now she gives birth to a child with special needs…will she keep it or give it up to the state to care for over the next 80 years (your taxes again), while she goes off on her merry way, only to use the loss of her child as an excuse to get high. Then again, what if the child isn’t special needs, what are the chances of that child not becoming an addict themselves, stealing from others to support their habit and becoming a drain on those who do love them and society as a whole by having more unwanted babies. Thank God for Planned Parenthood…think about how many more unwanted babies there would be.

And how about if all couples who want so much to have a child were required to adopt from this country before going outside the country to bring other children in…(sorry to say I have thoughts on this issue as well, but will refrain at this time), maybe they should adopt the unwanted baby that escaped the abortion…would that help? We could always force the lady that was raped and impregnated to have the child…knowing full well the child could have the same bad gene that drove his or her father to do such an unthinkable act…only to become a child molester or serial killer themselves…would that be better? My point is there are so many situations that come into play, so many variations, there is no quick answer for all solutions surrounding this issue. Practicing the “no sex” before marriage is a great answer…but people are people and sex…yes, clear and simple sex is a drive we are born with…a design by God to continue life whether you are a buck deer in the rut or a young couple with a passion to explore.

Yes…all these points are an exaggeration and I’m sure there is an argument for every point I’ve tried to make but I’m just trying to show there is always more to the story then we can see. One of our Commandments says “Thou Shall Not Kill”…yes, I get it, and being a Christian living by the Word is important to me but I’m far from perfect and though I have been blessed in never having to make the decision of whether or not to have an abortion…I don’t judge others because I have not walked in their shoes.