Have I said this before…life is like a ball of yarn? Maybe not, but it is to a point. We, as people, are wound up…intertwined with each day in a ball with each other. We eat, work, talk, plan and negotiate with one another. Passing cars on the highway – do we know who the passengers are? Maybe they too just stopped to pick up dinner at the local deli, heading home from a long days work. Could it be a young man or woman filled with despair as the news came out today that cutbacks are on the table and their name may be on that list? Or did they just get the news they are expecting twins.

Politicians that run this country…do they have a clue that because of the state of economy we are in, that health insurance is unattainable for many, homes are now a privilege to own, that food is scarce and tears are many? Do they really feel our pain or are they just interested in our vote these days. Many of us pray harder each day in an attempt to be heard…as futile as it may seem sometimes…we still pray.

How do we know the man, or woman, down the block isn’t planning to bomb the building that stands the tallest in a big city of any name. Does that future bomber think about the mothers working there…the children innocently playing in the daycare down the street? Does he care a young woman is showing her new engagement ring to the swarms of co-worker surrounding her with chatter of the future. No, I don’t think our bomber cares.

Then there is the coffee shop at the corner that holds the connoisseur of strong beans and conversation. Some man in the corner reading the paper gets a call from his wife saying it’s time – “time” he repeats as a smile crosses his face knowing he’s about to meet his son.

As the day unfolds the ball of yarn it encompassed, it begins to unravel – little by little. There are knots of sadness, twists of pain, kinks of anger, strains of fear, wrinkles of happiness, threads of joy and colors of laughter – but when it’s at the end, when the last of the roll is exposed, I hope it carries what I believe is deep inside us all – hope and love for tomorrow.