It’s different here, not quite the same…the sights, the sounds and surely the names. I travel to hear the differences as I trade the soothing sounds of my crickets at night to the laughter and chatter of family. In the morning there are a few birds but stronger still are the sounds of the city with a sprinkle of a quiet robin song thrown in the air by the passing wind.

At home I wake to the sweet mix of many birds in my backyard singing to wake me from my dreams as their day begins. Is it possible to have two homes? To love them both but feel the pangs of desire for the other when the distance is clear. I am in that truth today while I sit waiting for the family to wake from their sleep and join me for coffee. Is it just human nature to want what we can not have? We buy a car or curtains for the house, or maybe a chocolate ice cream cone but wonder if we should have picked another…could there be a better one around the corner?

When I am home in Washington, I am home. Familiar sounds that start the day. There is peace in the laughter of those close to my heart…the hugs are different here, sweeter, more enduring in a way.

When I am home in Colorado, it’s the life I love a different way…it’s not the same but carries sweetness just the same. Washington is my heart of homes and carries a tune in my soul like no other. But unless my husband is with me as I travel here, it’s not the same. It lacks the completeness I want, or should I say I need in my soul…he is my breath and warmth.

Colorado holds my life and constant presence these days but it’s different here…it’s not the same.