I recently read a blog that spoke to me – it was about writing without anyone knowing who it was from. It is a paradox for sure when you have something to say and feel the need to get it out in cyber world, but are afraid or concerned about what the affects your words could hold for others. Are the feelings just to private to be read? Will anyone know who/what/where I was referring to? Will my words sting someone as if a swarm of bees just landed in their heart? Or fill them with loving warmth as if caring arms had just embraced them. I know for me, life can be that mixed bag of thoughts. Those that know me well are often subjected to my soap box of emotions…lol. Because you want the people reading it to know how you feel…it’s deep inside you screaming to get out. Yet, the privacy rings loud and clear at the same time.

I have started writing – with real dedication this time. Not just blogs but stories. I change the names of course, to provide privacy for others, but find the connection I have with people great inspiration for characters. Some stories are based off true accounts, others are just my imagination spun into fiction but driven by some fraction of life experiences, places or people. Sometimes it is a matter of healing for me. I have come to realize that putting something in words and then hitting that delete button just isn’t working for me anymore…I have too much to say.

Sending my words off to someone unknown to me is scary as well, but I am on a mission to be heard and I am excited about the process. I am also very blessed with a husband that – though I can make his day much easier as his cubbie (aka gopher) – he is now going to work on his own most days so I can write my days away. I wrote a short story the other morning waiting for him to get home so we could head out for a lunchtime appointment. While we waited in the office, he had time read it, and laugh because he could feel my emotions (protection/aggression) in the story. Of course the title “Devil Winds” was inspired by him…think he got a kick out of that. So, as the story goes, I’m having a great time. It’s a great help having my big sis reviewing and pointing out needed spelling/grammar changes….thanks Erica. Bet she will be sorry she is a teacher, now won’t she…lol.

So for the person I was referring to at the beginning….I say write…write poems, write stories, write you heart out. Don’t limit yourself to your blogs (which I love), you were given a gift from God for a reason, find the time to share your life/love/thoughts/inspirations/imagination with the world. Embrace your talent and thank God for it every day.