I open my eyes to the morning….the world it quiet. It has snowed and it is as if the world has stopped. The icicles hang motionless from the tips of the roof, reinforcing the knowledge of chill in the air.
We woke to about 7″ of snow….the second round of the season. I am so glad I am able to curl up with my husband and drink our morning coffee without worry of the travel, and knowing when we do go out, Dan will handle it with a smile on his face. But for me, I no longer have to worry about who is out on the road as I find my way to work…..I not only have a great husband, but one that loves the snow and grew up in more snow than we see today. He is as versed driving in the snow as I am walking in the sandy beaches….so I am very comfortable in the weather as it changes by day here in Colorado. For right now, we are able to hang out this morning and just be. Later we will take a walk and test out my new snow gear….checking for the warmth it will bring me before we head to Wyoming tomorrow where they are also covered in a blanket of white. 
So…..good morning to all of you as you wake up in snow, or rain or whatever Mother Nature has started your first moments of the day with.