Each of us have a routine for preparing for the colder weather to land in our lives. Clearing out sprinkler systems, new weather-stripping in the doors. Using that plastic window cover that gets taut when you use the hairdryer on it….love that stuff. Maybe you have been blessed with a home loan and were able to get new insulated windows, new roof or new heater this year….a wise investment for sure. Trim trees that have branches to close to the power lines. Getting that last mowing done for the season. New batteries in all the flashlights, extra blankets handy and the winter coats are brought down to the hall closet to match the rubber boots. Regardless of what you have done to prepare, you know it is necessary.
So, what does it take to be a bird in this changing temperature? Tuesday afternoon, I was blessed to get a glimpse of how their world operates. While I wait for Dan to go over some items with the contractor on this job, I am enjoying the view from the kitchen window. The wind is kicking up her heals to let us know she is bringing in the first snow storm of the year. She howls and smiles with every breath. Suddenly, I look up to see a woodpecker on the line above the yard. He flies down to the ground. I see he has picked up a good size morsel, perhaps an acorn or other nut. He flies back up to the line and is looking around determined to be alone. Then he flies back down to the ground, again studying for any possible intruder. He then pushes the morsel into the ground with his beak. Looks around again and flies back up to the wire above. He looks carefully, and then flies back down and checks his morsel, looks at a leaf and picks it up to cover the spot he buried his stash. Then he grabs another leaf and does the same thing. He looks around and up to the line he goes. As he looks and feels confident, he flies higher into the tree. He stays there until he is sure no one has seen him prepare his winter stash……and off he goes.  
Having an opportunity to see this activity is a blessing for sure. Our lives are usually so busy that moments like this can be a blur in comprehension of our surroundings. I understand this is how they stash food for the winter, and they are intelligent enough to know exactly every spot they put their food. I can’t remember where I put my sunglasses half the time, so kudos to the bird population. It intrigues me to watch them enjoy life. The wings of birds, butterflies and of course dragonflies give me a feeling of peace. I have never forgotten when I experienced a hummingbird mating dance right in my backyard in Lynnwood…again it was a moment given by God to view his wonders. 
There are times we are able to look in the right spot at that right time. I hope to hear stories of moments in time where you experienced something wonderful like this and will share it with everyone.
Preparing for winter, it can be work but it does carry its pleasure.