There are nights that sleep dances around me, never really settling down next to my mind. Last night was one of those nights. How precious is our sleep that we long for it, need it, love it and treasure the nights it comes to us. I lay there wondering if I should just get up and get on with the waking hours, yet it is only 2:30am…..not really breakfast time….right! Many thoughts travel around, giving you just enough thought to keep you awake but not providing answers to settle you. Other thoughts come to you as ideas, you investigate them in detail, wondering if it would work or not….a change here, a tweak there. Then there is the “to do” list….all the tasks I want to get done, but the moments slip away like a single drop of water disappearing down a waterfall never to be seen again from where I stand. 
Well my friends…the music has stopped and sleep will lay within my mind tonight….sleep tight everyone.