Recently I ordered a panoramic print from a photo I took. Actually I ordered three prints total, the panoramic photo, and two standard photos. I shot the panoramic and one other and Dan took the other. We decided to have these three enlarged for our living room.  As destiny would have it, the company is associated with a new “sell your photos” program. It is still under beta (test mode) but I am really excited. Right now I am uploading some of my favorite shots and putting them in a “gallery” portion of the program. Selling my photos has been something I have been encouraged to do from one of my daughters, Jamie, and other friends. I have no expectations of selling any photos but it would be fun if I did. I have viewed some of the other artists and photographers work so I may be out of my league but oh well. I don’t know when the program will take off for sure….beta can be a long process….but I’ll keep you posted. Maybe some of you can look at some of the photos and give ideas on if I have them in the right “gallery” section, I am always open for ideas, feedback is always helpful.
Anyhow….we shall see how this plays out. Another adventure in life and life lessons.