As the sun begins to peak its eyes open, Dan’s diesel truck roars to life. The truck wheels anxious to start rolling down the highway. Dan is off to his big elk hunt. He will meet up with other guys, which is why I’m staying home. 
It is true I will miss him, but hunting is a passion with him and I’m glad for him to have time with the guys. So, I sent him off with a hug, kiss and “I love you”. It will be my time to have “me” time….watch chick flicks by the truck load. Do some writing like I am now, some beading if time allows. I plan to purchase and plant some spring bulbs. Dan and I have picked out three photos we have taken, two I shot and one he shot, to have blown up for art to hang on our walls. You know, all the general activities we women enjoy when we have time to ourselves. He will be gone for the rest of the month….give or take a day. 
But the truth of it is, though I like to be alone, I will miss him terribly. As I’ve said before, he has become my missing piece and I am not complete without him. I will miss sitting down in the evening to watch a show, me stretching my legs out and Dan rubbing my feet. Or having him grab packages of Smarties out of the candy jar and tossing me a couple. Reaching out to touch him as we quietly chat about whatever is on our minds. His side of the bed will be empty and cold. Normally I wake through the night to hear his breathing which tells me we are both safe, that piece will be missing. I gave up everything to be here with him in Colorado, and I am blessed to have found him to be the man he showed me he was. He is a provider, protector, my moral support, a shoulder to cry on and a comedian to make me laugh….he is my best friend. We have our good days, and our bad days, though the later is few, it is a part of marriage we still muddle through learning even at our older, more experienced age. 
I wish him a successful hunt, good times with the guys and a safe travel back into my arms.