As I sit in the camper watching the rain turn to snow, Dan rests his eyes. We headed for the mountains for a little R&R. Set up a tent to stake his spot for his elk hunting trip. The quiet is amazing and gave me a few minutes to put my thoughts on paper. Here are my ramblings for the day:


As we travel the road of marriage
we learn patience, timing and love
We have just mastered another trail
when life shows its variety
We want to ride the wave without getting wet
but that is not reality
The joy in marriage is knowing
who you are riding the wave with
and taking time to dry out together


I hear a sound as majestic as the animal himself
I am reminded of the strength he carries
as he summons his mates home
or states a fact – they are his
They are regal in their stance, powerful and handsome
The majestic elk bull bugles
His cows moo in response
Carrying music to my ears

Snow falling against the background
of golden Aspens
Their white trunks camouflage in this weather
The wind catches the leaves and I watch
them dance in the air like falling
flecks of gold to meet the white snow below