I have recently had a visit from two of my sisters. Two different times, each for a week. I was excited to have them come out and share my wonderful life with Dan, this beautiful sunshine and some of the sites with them. Having sisters is a blessing. You may not realize how much you missed someone until you see their face, standing there at the airport watching for your car to pull up and rescue them from their fears of where you might be in the crowd of cars. You greet each other with hugs, kisses and yes a few tears of joy.
I am a reflection of each of them. Parallel in our thoughts as our childhood lingers in our minds. We share moments in time that only we can understand, appreciate, cry over or laugh over. We went to the zoo, of course this means I got to go places twice so double bonus for me. We went to the Butterfly Pavillion….where I might add, I entered one of my pictures for a “Bugs in Your Backyard” photo contest. One sister was able to see our beautiful botanical gardens. With lightning shows produced and directed by Mother Nature, mornings on the patio with the birds of our neighborhood, walks to enjoy the beauty Colorado has to offer, I think they both had a great time.
But the point of this blog is to make something very clear…..if you have a sister you are blessed with a best friend. Whether that sister is from the same parents, a step-sister, half-sister or just someone you grew-up with that you consider a true sister……don’t take her for granted. My sisters, I’ve been blessed with a few more than most people, are all very individual ladies, thankfully we share a bond that can’t be broken. No matter what mistakes I have made, bluddering through life, they have never turned their back on me. They have never given up on me. They give advise….sometimes harshly, but always with the best intentions.
We have argued over the years, but it never mattered in the end because we would always call the next day or show up on the others doorstep to say we were sorry and give each other a sister hug.
My childhood was a reflection of a shattered glass….but no matter what I had my sisters. As years went on our lives intertwined as we traveled different paths, but we were never far from each other really because whoever holds a place in your heart, really isn’t far at all.
So I hope you will all take time to go out and share a cup of coffee with your sister if you can, call her on the phone if that is the only way you can share time…….but love her, appreciate her, consider her to be your best friend.
I have mine, I hope you have yours.